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  • What kind of wood are the trees made out of?
    The wood type varies; however, Fred Hand mostly uses aspen trees and some pine. He will go out into the mountains, and if he finds a piece of wood that catches his eye, he will pick it up and make something extraordinary out of the ordinary.
  • Are your materials sustainably sourced?
    All of the trees, candle holders, and other similar wood products are made from wood that is already dead. Whether it is driftwood found by the side of a lake, a dead tree found in a forest, etc... we do our best to clean up the forest and recycle materials into something else.
  • How long will the trees last?
    Our trees are truly timeless. They will last as long as you transfer and handle them with care. We still have some of the original trees that Bill Hand made over 30+ years ago. Keep in mind, our trees collect dust just like any other decoration; just gently dust with a swiffer.
  • Can you customize products?
    We do provide customizable items! You may be interested in a tree or candle holder created out of a piece of wood you found yourself. And this does not only apply to the our wood products, but to our pieces of art and sewing crafts as well. We will always accept requests and let you know if it is something we can accommodate.
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