Frequently asked questions

What kind of wood are the trees made out of?

The wood type varies; however, my dad mostly uses aspen trees and some pine. He will go out into the mountains, and if he finds a piece of wood that catches his eye, he will pick it up and make something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

How long will the trees last?

Our trees are truly timeless. They will last as long as you transfer and handle them with care. We still have some of the original trees that Grandpa Hand made over 30 years ago. However, our trees collect dust, just like any other decoration; just gently dust with a swiffer.

Do you use live wood?

All of my dad's creations are made from dead wood. He does not cut down living trees to make any of our products.

Do you recycle?

Dad will use the wood to make trees, cactuses, music notes, bears, etc.... The leftovers are then burned in a wood fireplace or used for some of his other projects.